Date: 2018-06-16

My programming projects I've worked on over the years. Nothing special, but they've all met my needs at one point or another.

Name Description URL Notes
adamantium Top Secret for now
milena Haskell client for Apache Kafka Tyler Holien did the initial work, I took over maintainership
winobot A Perl based IRC bot built on AnyEvent::IRC Probably the silliest thing I've ever written, due to this "feature"
flac2mp3 Go utility to parallel convert FLACs to MP3s Resume-able, defaults to all available CPU
gizmos Various utilities
slutty PuTTY with cosmetic changes
vdr-epg-tool XMLTV EPG VDR loader tool
syncgenie Monitor files for keywords and copy to another location
Thorium Perl configuration management framework
Algorithm::IRCSRP2 Perl library for the IRCSRP version 2 spec Not formally verified nor considered secure in any way