Read Papers

Programming papers I’ve read.

Note: 2016/1/1 is a place holder date as I don’t recall when I read it

Title Tags Date Read
Anna: A KVS For Any Scale big-data 2016/1/1
Azure Data Lake Store: A Hyperscale Distributed File Service for Big Data Analytics big-data 2016/1/1
Big Data Technology Literature Review big-data 2016/1/1
Broom: sweeping out Garbage Collection from Big Data systems 2016/1/1
Build systems a la carte haskell, build-systems, spj 2018/6/14
Charon: Declarative Provisioning and Deployment nix, functional-programming 2016/1/1
City Data Fusion: Sensor Data Fusion in the Internet of Things 2016/1/1
Combining Deep and Shallow Embedding for EDSL haskell, dsl 2018/7/31
Concurrent multi-level arrays: Wait-free extensible hash maps 2016/1/1
Domain-specific Languages and Code Synthesis Using Haskell haskell 2016/1/1
Engineering and Software Engineering general 2018/6/1
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Synchronization but Were Afraid to Ask 2016/1/1
Fail-Slow at Scale: Evidence of Hardware Performance Faults in Large Production Systems 2016/1/1
Fault Tolerant Functional Reactive Programming (Functional Pearl) haskell 2018/10/5
Filter Before You Parse: Faster Analytics on Raw Data with Sparser big-data 2018/9/22
From monoids to near-semirings: the essence of MonadPlus and alternative haskell 2016/1/1
Future Psychohistory - Computation and Humanity 2016/1/1
Google’s MapReduce Programming Model — Revisited big-data 2016/1/1
Gray Failure: The Achilles’ Heel of Cloud-Scale Systems 2016/1/1
Hailstorm: Distributed Stream Processing with Exactly Once Semantics haskell 2016/1/1
Hokusai — Sketching Streams in Real Time 2016/1/1
How functional programming mattered 2016/1/1
Jitsu: Just-In-Time Summoning of Unikernels 2016/1/1
Monad Transformers Step by Step haskell 2016/1/1
Monads for functional programming haskell 2018/6/30
NetChain: Scale-Free Sub-RTT Coordination 2016/1/1
Omid, Reloaded: Scalable and Highly-Available Transaction Processing 2016/1/1
On the Design of Distributed Programming Models 2016/1/1
Online Reconstruction of Structural Information from Datacenter Logs big-data 2016/1/1
Protocol-Aware Recovery for Consensus-Based Storage 2016/1/1
Quantum Computing in the NISQ era and beyond 2016/1/1
Quantum algorithms: an overview 2016/1/1
Skyway: Connecting Managed Heaps in Distributed Big Data Systems 2016/1/1
Spanner: Becoming a SQL System 2016/1/1
Stream Fusion. From Lists to Streams to Nothing at All haskell 2016/1/1
Supermonads haskell 2016/1/1
The Essential Guide To Queueing Theory flow-control 2016/1/1
The HdpH DSLs for scalable reliable computation haskell, distributed-systems 2016/1/1
The Influence of Organizational Structure On Software Quality: An Empirical Case Study 2016/1/1
There is no Fork: an Abstraction for Efficient, Concurrent, and Concise Data Access haskell 2016/1/1
Throttling Utilities in the IBM DB2 Universal Database Server 2016/1/1
Towards Haskell in the Cloud haskell, spj 2016/1/1
Typed Tagless Final Interpreters haskell, oleg 2016/1/1
What slows you down? Your network or your device? performance 2016/1/1