Haskell Evangelism

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Authored: 2020-05-06;
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Haskell Evangelism

Q: Any good articles/literature on evangelizing Haskell to a semi-technical audience?

A: Yes!



Want to know a little more about programming Haskell than just the buzz-words? This talk will show you some of the joys coding in Haskell through lots and lots of code examples. No prior experience with Haskell or functional programming required. Just be ready for some strange and wondrous code!

The principle of Propositions as Types links logic to computation. At first sight it appears to be a simple coincidence---almost a pun---but it turns out to be remarkably robust, inspiring the design of theorem provers and programming languages, and continuing to influence the forefronts of computing. Propositions as Types has many names and many origins, and is a notion with depth, breadth, and mystery. Learn why functional programming is (and is not) the universal programming language.

Composition is a fundamental principle of functional programming, but how is it different from an object-oriented approach, and how do you use it in practice?

In this talk for beginners, we'll start by going over the basic concepts of functional programming, and then look at some different ways that composition can be used to build large things from small things.

After that, we'll see how composition is used in practice, beginning with a simple FizzBuzz example, and ending with a complete (object-free!) web application.

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